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Your weather station

Station ID: This is a unique identifier given to your weather station.

Updates: This is the number of updates you weather station has sent to WeatherWizz. This value is updated every 24 hours.

Update errors: This is the number of times your weather station sent updates quicker than 1 per 5 seconds. This value is updated every 24 hours.

Connection type: This is the type of connection your weather station is using to communicate with WeatherWizz.

Change station: To reconfigure a new weather station or make changes with your existing station, click ‘Change station’ to activate the setup process.

Change your weather station or connection

You must first disconnect your current station before you can configure a new connection.


If you are using a Netatmo station, your Netatmo account will be automatically disconnected. For Meteobridge, Weatherbridge, Ambient, Ecowitt, Fine Offset, and Weather Display Software, please go to the account, software, or app you use for these and remove the link to WeatherWizz.