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WeatherWizz makes it simple and easy to set up your own online personal weather station dashboard. See your weather at a quick glance from any device. With real-time updates and your choice of dashboard design.

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Now works with Amazon Alexa

Simply connect your WeatherWizz account to Amazon Alexa and start asking Alexa your temperature, humidity, and more. Reads out your personal weather station data, not from another place far away!

Alexa, ask my weather station the temperature!

The temperature is 19 degrees.

Make your weather shine

WeatherWizz displays your personal weather station data in a compact real-time weather dashboard. No messing around trying to design your own. Simply select from one of the dashboard designs and you’re done.


Create a weather display anywhere in your home. Just place an old device, like a tablet, wherever you choose and display 24/7 instant weather data (or as soon as your weather station updates). Or check your live weather data from wherever you are on a computer, phone, or tablet. 

Become a supporter and unlock everything.

  • Custom dashboards
  • WordPress plugin
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Trend charts
  • Sensor conversions
  • Priority support
  • Data archiving (coming soon!)
  • Data reports (coming soon!)

… plus access to all new features as they are released!

Displayed in a real-time design of your choice

Let’s face it, there are many weather services out there. The one thing almost all of them don’t offer is a nicely designed, easy-to-use, real-time weather dashboard. Sure, we can log in to cloud services and see our rain data delayed or on a page we have to scroll through, but if you’re anything like us, when it’s raining we want to see what’s happening as soon as our weather station sends an update! 


This is why WeatherWizz was designed. We display your latest data like it would on a fixed console, but now with the flexibility of displaying it on any device in a sleek design and style that you choose.

With lots of features completely free

Set up a WeatherWizz dashboard completely free, with no advertisements or unsightly banners. 


Display temperature, rainfall, air pressure, humidity, wind, and more, depending on the data your weather station collects. Use as many devices as you like, such as old tablets or iPads, as wall or desk displays.

Plus the option of becoming a Patron… 

For just the small cost of a coffee per month, you can access to lots of extra features. These include an advanced customizable dashboard that gives amazing flexibility in how you display your weather data, including different languages. Plus priority support, trend charts, and access to latest features including our wordpress plugin to display your weather data on your own website.


Just sign up for a free dashboard and you will have the option to upgrade to a Patron at any time.

Create your dashboard today

Easily linked to your weather device or software

WeatherWizz works by simply connecting to your device or weather software. If your device or software is able to send data to a weather cloud service, then there’s a good chance it can also send it to your WeatherWizz dashboard. 


Check out the quick setup guides when you create your WeatherWizz account.

Works with…

  • Davis
  • Ambient
  • Ecowitt
  • Fine Offset
  • Netatmo
  • Meteobridge
  • Weatherbridge
  • Weather Display software
  • CumulusMX
  • Custom API

A big THANK YOU to our supporters

John - WeatherWizz Supporter

John - WeatherWizz Supporter

Running on Echo Show 8 – Amazon Silk Browser.

Duncan - WeatherWizz Supporter

Duncan - WeatherWizz Supporter

Running on iPad stuck to the wall 🙂

Kenneth - WeatherWizz Supporter

Kenneth - WeatherWizz Supporter

Running on android tablet 🙂

Anthony - WeatherWizz Supporter

Anthony - WeatherWizz Supporter

Running on iPad on my desk!

Being a weather enthusiast for years and having a weather station with related software makes me the meteorologist of the house. All weather reports used to go through me.

Most weather software has a cluttered graphic user interface and is not really suitable for people unfamiliar with meteorological terms. 


So what we missed in our house was a solution in which the other members of the house could get weather information without asking me and presented in a readable format.


In Weather Wizz we found the solution. We had a tablet which we no longer used, so now we use it as a weather console. We have placed it on a coffee table in the living room so now everybody in the house can monitor the weather. My daughter has now caught interest in the weather. Whenever she passes the tablet she reports the temperature and windchill.


The best thing with Weather Wizz is that you can have as many devices as you want. Being out of the house I sometimes check the weather at home on my telephone.


WeatherWizz Supporter

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