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WeatherWizz makes it simple and easy to set up your own online personal weather station dashboard. See your weather at a quick glance from any device. With real-time updates and your choice of dashboard design.

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Make your weather shine

WeatherWizz displays your personal weather station data in a compact, real-time, customizable weather dashboard to access anywhere on a tablet, phone, or computer.


Now you can have a dashboard perfectly suited to you and your weather station. WeatherWizz gives you powerful tools to easily create and use a personalized weather dashboard. Have fun and take advantage of a wide range of customizable easy-to-use features, including sensors displayed in any language. Cleverly contained on a single screen, you can even use your dashboard as extra weather station consoles around your home or office, with no third party adverts.


WeatherWizz also opens up new ways to interact with your weather station data, including Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa, interactive data reports that you can display, edit, and export, plus much more. Check out the full list of features below.

What is WeatherWizz about?

As weather enthusiasts, we’re passionate about all things weather and love creating new and exciting ways to display and access data from our personal weather stations. Rather than keeping this all to ourselves, we developed WeatherWizz so weather enthusiasts around the world can easily benefit from the many designs and tools we are creating. 


It’s easy to join and we’ve kept it low cost to make WeatherWizz more accessible. For just a few dollars a month, you can enjoy a personalized dashboard plus many more features and tools. You can also sign up today starting with a 14-day free trial. 

Get full access on a simple monthly plan

Starting with a 14-day free trial



per month*

On signing up, you will start a 14-day free trial.

You will not be charged if you decide to cancel your account before the 14-day free trial period ends.

* Prices will be converted to your currency after selecting your country when signing up.

** Updates approximately every 5 seconds if permitted by your station, device, or software.

Customize your very own dashboard

No-one is the same and not everyone wants a generic weather dashboard. WeatherWizz makes use of latest technology to enable you to easily create a personal weather station dashboard or console that better fits your needs and preferences:

  • Choose which sensors to include
  • Create any layout using drag and drop
  • Display sensors as text, charts, or gauges
  • Name sensors in any language
  • Include almost any sensor, even those not always displayed by weather networks
  • Convert between units for your sensors (e.g., from Celsius to Fahrenheit)
  • Adjust settings per sensor so everything is tailor-made for you
  • Easily add icons, headings, text boxes, and formatting for a smart-looking dashboard
  • Bring up trend charts for almost any sensor
  • Watch your station update in real-time with smart indicators showing when a sensor value has changed
  • Add visual alerts to highlight key changes in sensor data
  • Take a shortcut by selecting from beautifully designed templates or choose your own backgrounds and styles
  • Explore and use templates developed by other WeatherWizz members, or easily share your own dashboard as a template
  • Develop up to 10 unique dashboards for different purposes, such as on your phone or for different rooms
  • Have fun! Modify the design, layout, and settings any time

Custom dashboards work on tablets, phones, and computers. You can even use an old tablet to set up a standalone dashboard for everyone in your home to keep an eye on the weather, such as on your kitchen wall or table! Display your dashboard wherever you like.

Access, edit, and export reports of your weather data

WeatherWizz provides advanced interactive reports of your weather data, developed by weather enthusiasts like you. 

  • Access rapid daily, monthly, and yearly reports, as well as all the weather data you send to WeatherWizz, neatly compiled for you to use and analyze.
  • Arrange reports to suit you. Add and remove sensor data. Move data columns to your preferred layout so everything is exported according to what you need. WeatherWizz even remembers your preferred settings so reports appear how you like them next time you log in.
  • WeatherWizz automatically calculates maximum, minimum, and average values for each sensor plus total precipitation over the calendar periods you select. 

With custom dashboards and interactive reports, we’re making it easy for you to get more from your weather station.

Discover new ways to interact with your weather station

Along with custom dashboards and interactive reports, we’ve developed further ways for you to interact with data from your personal weather station. 

  • Amazon Alexa. Connect your WeatherWizz account to Amazon Alexa and ask Alexa for the current temperature, air pressure, rainfall, and more so you can get quick updates from your weather station wherever you are.
  • Apple Siri. With Apple Siri integrations, you can ask Siri anything about your weather data. Configure your own Siri questions completely tailored to your needs, from simple questions about current conditions to full weather reports.
  • WordPress. Easily integrate your weather data into your WordPress website with simple tools for displaying your real-time data in tables, text, or whatever format you like.
  • WeatherWizz also provides an easy-to-use banner of your key weather data to display on your website, even if you’re not using WordPress.

We love creating new ways of interacting with weather station data. Stay tuned for more!

Easily linked to your weather device or software

WeatherWizz simply connects to your device or weather software. If you are able to send data to a weather cloud service, then there’s a good chance you can also send it to your WeatherWizz dashboard. Check out the quick setup guides when you create your WeatherWizz account.

Or any weather station connected to the Internet using:

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